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lesson from a toddler…

as the mother of an almost-three-year-old, I love the dollar bins at Target. today’s treasure was a bug net, something I knew she would love. and she did, swooshing it here and there, catching something invisible. one would think invisible bugs, but no, not my girl. we stopped, somewhere in housewares and she handed me one of the invisibles. I asked what kind of bug she had found and given to my care. “Mommy, it’s not a bug. it’s a kiss. a happy kiss!”

and so we ventured through Target, catching kisses. some were happy kisses. some sad. genuine smiles from passersby and whispers of her sweet nature followed behind. the princess dress/rain boot combination did not hurt her little reputation either. she insisted we run after a few elusive kisses she’d seen, flitting through the outdoor seasonal section.

she has my imaginative streak, this daughter-gift from Heaven. I never know what she will come up with next or where the seeds for her wanderings come from. so we stopped and talked about the sad kisses. where do they come from? what does she do with them? what does she do with the happy kisses? it would never occur to her to keep them for herself.

the happy kisses are taken from one place and released somewhere needing a ray of sunshine or smile or bit of encouragement. but the sad ones? ah, here is the theology lesson from a child!

the sad ones she gives to Jesus. and He makes them all better. then He gives them back to her. they are His kisses to her and some she keeps to give away another day. the others are released like the happy kisses.

to have the faith of a child. it would truly be a gift!

(and I am half convinced she actually saw those kisses flying around her today…)


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