about me

I am a beloved child of the King of Kings, a princess in His forever Kingdom.

Jesus became my Savior and Lord when I was a child and I have wanted little more than to follow Him since.

I am a wife and mother, two roles I love. my husband and daughter are grace-gifts to me, people I do not deserve. they continually show me the depth of God’s love, grace, and mercy. we care for each other, and journey on this faith-walk together.

we live in a small, rural city and love it. but we’ve also called a few major metropolitan areas home and enjoyed them in their own ways.

we try to live ministry as a lifestyle in our home and not consider it a “job” that brings a paycheck. within my own ministry, I love bringing the head and heart together, inviting both into the Christian walk, growing in holistic discipleship, and incorporating many facets of faith and life together, all while relying on the Spirit to do His wonderful work.


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