the human doing…

there he was. just as advertised.

the human doing.

that is how he introduced himself to us as we stood around his plexi-glass apartment in the middle of the mall.

he is there as part of a health insurance company’s stunt, a life lived in front of others, encouraging us all to move, to be engaged with life. to be healthier. the crowd votes throughout the day on the activities and exercises he does.

the concept is interesting. but i could not get beyond the moniker. a human doing.

i spent the majority of life as a human doing. doing for God. running hither and yon, working hard at ministry. the idea of a human being seemed a dream. Martha was chided by Jesus and Mary applauded. one was a doing. the other a being. how my heart wanted to be a being, to give up the doing. to rest at Jesus’ feet. to soak in His presence.

to be a being instead of a doing meant learning to abide in Him, to set aside the doing. to be quiet. to train myself, and let Him train me, to externally and internally rest. to learn to listen for His still, small voice.

learning to abide has been a long, often painful process. it has been an amazing journey. and i have much more to learn, so much more to hear from Him


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