if you’ve wandered through my blog roll at all, you’ve seen the introverted church listed. I haven’t had a chance to read Introverts in the Church yet, but have been looking forward to it!

I’ve found a piece of my heart in most entries published. and I have the honor of guest posting this week (I’ll keep you posted on that!)

I am an introverted, contemplative, Scandinavian girl.

people can be a lot of work for me.

I would be a great hermit. but I would miss my little family. then again, they are cut from similar cloth, so maybe we’d be hermits together.

Jesus called us to love people. and to love Him. that includes the introverted contemplative stoic. but people can be a lot of work.

it’s another balance, this dance of personality, ministry, and life.

there is a bit of relief in the label “introvert” and some push-back as well.

it feels selfish. sometimes lazy.

but I know the truth of it as well. when I am with people too long, even those I love deeply, there begins a deep longing for alone. time to process life. to write. maybe even read a bit. to catch my breath.

when those moments are missing, I get itchy, grumpy even. some days I feel like a rubber band, stretched to far, ready to snap.

so I’ll tell you up front–if I disappear for a while, it is nothing personal. I just need a moment of quiet. some time to talk to God, time to listen to Him, time to hear nothing.

please do not get me wrong. I like people. love a good number of them. family, friends, and ministry are true joys to me. most people do not even know this introversion runs so deeply.

sometimes it gets in the way. stresses me out. makes me question God and why He made me like this. but then He reminds me that He makes no mistakes, that there are reasons for it all. in all the Martha moments, He is calling me to Mary moments. sitting quietly together. and that is no mistake.

the journey continues, this living an introverted life in an extroverted world. and what a rich journey it is!


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