introverted parenting…

my friend Sarah, from blessings like winged horses, and I are guest posting today over at introverted church. we are both introverts, mothers, writers, and we had a lot of fun writing together.

being an introvert can be challenging. being an introverted parent even more so.

what we found in working on our post, was how very deep the implications for introverts in parenting can run. and we are learning to approach parenting as a spiritual discipline, interacting with God throughout the day on a conscious level. listening and talking to Him.

the journey continues…



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4 responses to “introverted parenting…

  1. Thanks for such a thoughtful guest post! I have a feeling it’s going to bear much fruit in the lives of introverted parents like yourself.


  2. marla
    Hello old friend. Shared your blog with this blog above -he’s my friend and pastor. Thought you’d enjoy some of his stuff and he your writing too.
    Your post….made me think. As I get older I am turning more into an introvert – or maybe becoming a learned one…but don’t sit and be well sometimes – that still learning – although i do crave it.

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